• Dura Plus Stamps

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    Dura Plus Stamper
    Asian Seemandhar also have its retail network where it takes care of retail network and make reach of end product to end user, our reputed brand Dura Plus Stamp are renowned name in flash stamp industry.

    Color – Red, Purple, Yellow, Grey, White
    Usage/Application – Pre ink Stamp,Self Ink Stamp
    Exposure Tubes – 1 PC
    Brand – Dura Plus Stamper
    Material – Stamp
    Min Order Qty – 1 to 100 Nos
    Stamp Width – 30 gm                                                                                                            Above Rate you Get It = 10 Nos.

  • Suitcase Packet Stamp

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    Suitcase Packet Stamps are the holders which are required for
    any flash stamp, it works like a handled to hold a flash stamp,
    these mounts are made of acrylic or plastic body, and having various sizes.

    Above Rate You Will Get It = 10 Nos. Stamp Mounts.

    Min Order Qty – 10 Nos. To 100 Nos.